What is a Property Services Cluster?

It is intended that a Cluster typically consists of public sector organisations such as local authorities; fire or police services, who work together collaboratively in delivering property and asset projects. Ideally, the number of participants would consist of four to six members initially, with the option to introduce new organisations to the partnership once the Cluster is established.


How does the Cluster work?

The members of the proposed Cluster sign a Memorandum of Understanding which sets out the Cluster members’ agreement, including a financial framework, as to how the resources and costs are to be shared.

A Cluster Board manages all aspects of the arrangement, with a Cluster Programme Office concentrating on the identification and co-ordination of joint capital and revenue work programmes such as capital new builds, refurbishments, extensions and modular buildings.

The Cluster Programme Office (CPO) Team:


To achieve a reduction in costs and streamline the process, the Cluster members agree to use common ways of working, for instance, using the same contractor and consultant frameworks on similar programmes of work.

Typically, joint-working should realise cost reductions in the order of 15 - 20%. The cost of the Programme Office is modest when compared to the savings offered by joint-working. The cost is shared between the Cluster members, and this is covered by the efficiency saving.