Collaborating for a common purpose

Forging and sustaining a productive partnership to create new school places on this scale is unique. It is the first time four local authorities have come together with other organisations to plan strategically and pool resources to benefit from economies of scale, making efficiency savings – important in the current economic climate, making best use of public money. The collaboration engages the staff of the four authorities (including the jointly resourced CPO), the schools, five main contractors, multiple consultant partners and an extensive network of sub-contractors and suppliers.

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How we organise our programmes of work:

The four authorities work with the Cluster Programme Office to identify the projects that need to be delivered; sharing their capital programme information and discussing delivery strategy and timelines. The CPO look at the programme synergies that exist across all authorities and identify ‘chunks’ of work that can be assembled for delivery. We term these programme Tranches.

Each Tranche contains projects which have individual characteristics. Differing criteria are examined, project type (eg, new build, extension, refurbishment), geography, value, delivery date, contractual preference, design procurement route, project type etc.This then informs how best to arrange the Tranche in terms of it’s allocation to contractors, by lot. We term these lots Baskets.

Following procurement, contractors are awarded individual Baskets, but the Tranche is still managed as one arrangement.

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